The platform focused on

Artificial Intelligence
Defined Networking.

Secure. Simulate. Optimize.


AI Defined Networking uses an eloquent AI solution – based on the building blocks of data science – to detect previously unseen attacks and mitigate new ones. Using generative mechanisms and our network simulation functionality, AI Defined Networking devises new attacks, tests them safely against a simulation of your network, and trains itself to mitigate those attacks before they can cause any harm.



Our Approach

AI Defined Networking is a platform of Network Solutions with AI at their core.

We begin our journey with Security. Our goal is to establish a secure foundation. With our scalable privacy preserving technology, we extract valuable insights from your network without exposing your data, all while providing an AI intrusion detector.

Next, we will build upon this secure foundation a digital copy of your network. Here, both users and our AIs will work together to create, test, and validate network decisions reducing the cost and risk of real world implementation.

Afterwards, our AI will take on what machines do best and move toward optimizing your network. It will be like having a network engineer monitoring and managing your network 24/7 at superhuman speeds, freeing up users to focus on forward facing opportunities.

And this is just the beginning.

We are currently in our lighthouse program and keeping a small group of current and future friends informed of our progress. If you would like to hear more about AIDN or our lighthouse program please contact us.